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TYPO3 Template: T3 Architectura

Your new favorite TYPO3 template for architects

T3 Architectura: Sure. Minimalist. Inspiring. Read more
[Translate to English:] Update bei T3 Templates

New update for all TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates

The base extension of T3 Templates has been extended by many functions and the bootstrap library has been updated. Read more
Screenshot from the TYPO3.org website

How much does a TYPO3 site cost?

A TYPO3 website is not more expensive than websites with other content management systems, but cheaper. Read more
Webhosting Illustration

The 5 Best Hosting Providers for TYPO3

I will introduce you to the 5 best hosting providers that I have tested myself, which are best suited for TYPO3 hosting. Read more
The best page templates for product pages based on Bootstrap 5

The Best Bootstrap 5 Templates for Online Shops

Do you love Bootstrap 5 as much as I do and are you looking for ideas for your new shop page? Check out my favorites in 2022. Read more
Flash Sale Illustration

Where to buy TYPO3 templates?

The number of providers for TYPO3 templates is constantly increasing. I will show you all sources for paid TYPO3 templates. Read more
The best corporate web templates

Best 5 Corporate Website Templates in 2022

These are the 5 best website templates to use for your next corporate website. Read more
The best TYPO3 templates

The Best TYPO3 Templates in 2022

I will show you the best free and paid templates for TYPO3 in 2022. Read more


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