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The Best TYPO3 Templates in 2022

The best TYPO3 templates
I will show you the best free and paid templates for TYPO3 in 2022.

The TYPO3 CMS is becoming more and more popular and more and more people are experiencing how good this content management system is. In fact, no other open source CMS comes close to TYPO3 when it comes to security and scalability.
Especially for multilingual websites or websites with hundreds of pages, TYPO3 shines and is really fun to work with.

So it's a great opportunity if we take a look at the best TYPO3 templates.

What are the best sources for TYPO3 templates?

The template landscape in TYPO3 is still small compared to other CMS. In my opinion, that will change dramatically in the next few years. Because the popularity and market share of TYPO3 will also increase in the future for smaller websites or blog websites - also thanks to T3 templates.

The best free TYPO3 templates

I want to start with the free templates. With this you can try TYPO3 and see how clear the backend is and how logically and easily multilingual websites or websites with hundreds of subpages can be created and managed.

1. Bootstrap Package

Bootstrap Package

The Bootstrap Package is a complete package for TYPO3. In the TYPO3 world, this is referred to as a distribution.

A distribution is an extension that fully configures TYPO3 and you get a ready-to-use website out-of-the-box.
This scope is also possible with a "normal" extension, but the way a distribution is structured has the advantage that certain components cannot be influenced by the editor. This allows standards to be introduced, which in turn guarantee a defined quality of the site.

The Bootstrap Package relies on the most popular frontend framework on the web worldwide - Bootstrap. The framework originally created for Twitter is by far the most widely used.
Bootstrap makes it easy to create websites that are optimized for most devices. This makes the website look good on almost any device.

The bootstrap package for TYPO3 has been around for many years and is constantly being further developed and will remain so for the next few years.
With the bootstrap package you have a secure template that will stay with you for years.

You can download the bootstrap package from the official website, among other places, and learn more about this distribution there.

Benefits at a glance

  • TYPO3 completely preconfigured. There is nothing left to do.
  • Based on Bootstrap

Disadvantages at a glance

  • Has a strong impact on the entire TYPO3 installation
  • Parallel operation of several websites that should not be based on Bootstrap Package is practically not possible

Go to the Bootstrap Package website

2. jWeiland Sample Project

jWeiland sample project

jWeiland is a hosting provider specializing in TYPO3 hosting. If you are looking for a hosting provider who can also answer TYPO3-specific questions, then jWeiland is a good provider for this.

In addition, jWeiland has created a TYPO3 template, which is very close to the original TYPO3 state.
With this template you can familiarize yourself with TYPO3 without having to pay attention to template-specific peculiarities and conventions. So everything you find comes from the TYPO3 Core. The sample project only provides a template optimized for all devices.
So the template is a good choice to serve as a learning base and to take your first steps in TYPO3.

This template itself is of course responsive and adheres to the best practice recommendations of the TYPO3 organization.
jWeiland has also been developing this template for many years and it will certainly be further developed and adapted to future TYPO3 versions in the coming years.

If you want to read more information about this template and try it, then you can do it in the following link.

Benefits at a glance

  • close to the TYPO3 original state and therefore perfect for learning

Disadvantages at a glance

  • not very visually appealing

To the jWeiland sample project

3. T3 Agency

T3 Agency by T3 Planet

The T3 Agency is developed by T3 Planet (formerly Nitsan). T3 Planet is a TYPO3 agency and offers numerous templates and extensions for TYPO3.
This agency also launched the first TYPO3 marketplace. Not only did they sell their products on this marketplace, but you could also put your own products in there and take part in the marketplace as a seller.

T3 Agency is a free template for digital agencies. It is also based on Bootstrap.

The T3 Agency template is a one-pager template, which means it consists of one page that is divided into different sections. Classically, it starts with a hero element and you introduce your agency and its services by scrolling vertically.
The sections can then be controlled with a menu. This does not load a new page, but man, the browser automatically scrolls there.

All templates from T3 Planet have a special backend module with which you can adjust the appearance of the site.
T3 Planet stands for quality and is very active in the TYPO3 scene. It can be assumed that this template will continue to be supported for the next few years. Incidentally, there is also free support for the free templates.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ready-to-use corporate page or landing page
  • Onepager
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Can be used as a theme base
  • Backend module for easier customization

Disadvantages at a glance

  • functionally not very extensive

To the T3 Agency Template

4. T3 Clean Blog

T3 Clean Blog by T3 Planet

This template has also been developed by T3 Planet and is available free of charge.

T3 Clean Blog is a blog template based on Bootstrap 5. It is kept very minimalistic and simple. There are no creative gimmicks and no special features.

T3 Clean Blog has 2 page layouts. One full-width view and one with a sidebar.

I think like all T3 Planet free templates, it's a good base.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ready-to-use blog page
  • Pleasant white space, making it easy to read
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Can be used as a theme base
  • Backend module for easier customization

Disadvantages at a glance

  • functionally not very extensive

To the T3 Clean Blog

5. T3 Freelancer

T3 Freelancer

Another free TYPO3 template from T3 Planet.

T3 Freelancer follows the templates above in the Freelancer niche. This means that you have a TYPO3 template based on Bootstrap 5 with little functional scope, but you can present your portfolio perfectly and convince your potential customers of your services.

Like T3 Agency, this template is also designed as a one-pager.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ready-to-use freelancer / portfolio website
  • Onepager
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Can be used as a theme base
  • Backend module for easier customization

Disadvantages at a glance

  • functionally not very extensive

To the T3 Freelancer Template

6. T3 New Age

T3 New Age by T3 Planet

Another free template from T3 Planet.

This TYPO3 template specializes in presenting mobile apps. This template is also based on the Frontend Framework Bootstrap. As you can see, with Bootstrap you open a lot of doors because it is so widespread.

Due to the positioning for mobile apps, this template is also optimized for mobile devices and thus follows a mobile first approach.
Like all TYPO3 templates from T3 Planet, this template also has a backend module with which you can easily change settings such as fonts and colors in the template.

Benefits at a glance

  • mobile first
  • Landing page for mobile apps
  • Onepager

Disadvantages at a glance

  • unsuitable for a full website, such as corporate or portal pages.

To the T3 New Age Template

The best paid TYPO3 templates

For TYPO3 there are now also providers of professional fee-based templates. Here, too, the competition is growing rapidly. This is only good for companies, freelancers and private individuals, because they will soon have a similarly wide selection as with WordPress or Joomla.

1. T3 Karma

T3 Karma from T3 Planet is a Multipurpose TYPO3 Template based on Bootstrap.
It is the most successful and also the first professional TYPO3 template from T3 Planet.

It simplifies template customization with its own style switcher, where you can preview color changes and layout changes LIVE. Thus, settings that you would otherwise have to make in the backend merge with the frontend view.

T3 Karma by T3 Planet

With this TYPO3 template you can create all kinds of websites. If you are looking for a template that you want to use for several projects, then multipurpose templates such as T3 Karma are suitable.

This template has been in constant development since 2013 and since this template is T3 Planet's passion, it will surely continue to be developed for many years to come.

Benefits at a glance

  • LIVE Style Switcher
  • 150+ custom TYPO3 elements
  • 15+ pre-built demo sites

Disadvantages at a glance

  • expensive

To the T3 Karma Template

2. T3 Shiva

T3 Shiva by T3 Planet

This template from T3 Planet is a special template.

T3 Shiva relies on React & Next JS. These two JavaScript frameworks make it possible to write browser applications in which you don't have to refresh the page.
This means you call up the page in the browser once and everything else is done by React. For the end user, this has the advantage that the loading times can almost disappear. Only those parts of the page that are necessary are reloaded.

In my opinion, T3 Shiva is therefore suitable for all one-pager sites and web apps, i.e. websites that should feel like mobile applications or even are.

In my opinion, React is unsuitable for the classic website.

Benefits at a glance

  • Perfect for one-pagers and web apps
  • Fast loading times
  • 12 additional content items
  • 6 different layout variations
  • Various predefined blog layouts
  • Live Style Switcher

Disadvantages at a glance

  • without JavaScript the entire site will not work
  • you can develop it less well yourself
  • you become heavily dependent on T3 Planet and rely on them to develop it further
    • If in doubt, you could also further develop classic Extbase and Fluid Extensions yourself. Here the selection of experts is much larger
  • expensive

To the T3 Shiva template

3. T3 Shop

T3 Shop by T3 Planet

T3 Shop by T3 Planet is probably the currently best template for creating a shop page. It is based on the TYPO3 Aimeos extension.

Aimeos is a PHP framework for developing shops and is designed to be able to manage shops with several million products. So you can use this framework to scale your business up as you like.

Aimeos itself offers a free TYPO3 extension that brings this framework to TYPO3. T3 Shop now offers you a shop template in combination.

With T3Shop you get a finished shop application.

Benefits at a glance

  • Best shop extension for TYPO3
  • clear design with no optical gimmicks
  • predefined page layouts
  • various blog layouts
  • multilingual shop possible
  • multiple currencies possible

Disadvantages at a glance

  • expensive
  • Template geared more towards the female audience

To the T3 shop template

4. T3 Creative Agency

T3 Creative Agency by T3 Templates

My template for corporate websites and landing pages is available in dark design (dark mode).

T3 Creative Agency impresses with its striking design with a striking font that is particularly popular with the headlines.

For this template a timeline element was created and a text/image position for a magazine-like alignment.

This TYPO3 template is based on Bootstrap and is perfect for digital and creative agencies.

The templates from T3 Templates are characterized by the fact that they all have the common basis. All new functions that are created for this or new templates in the future and are useful for other templates are also incorporated later for these.

The T3 templates are designed so that you can use several TYPO3 templates from T3 templates in a TYPO3 installation when using several domains.

The colors and fonts can be easily changed with the TYPO3 constant editor. This means that no TypoScript is required.

Like all T3 templates, T3 Creative Agency is very close to TYPO3 core. This makes it a very good basis for your next corporate website.

Benefits at a glance

  • Striking dark design
  • Template with recognition value
  • based on Bootstrap
  • will also benefit from other templates from T3 Templates in the future
  • is suitable as a basis for further child themes
  • 6 months free updates
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • cheap price

Disadvantages at a glance

  • No LIVE preview yet (but will come)
  • No predefined layouts yet (but will come)

To the T3 Creative Agency Template

5. T3 Fakeshop

T3 Fakeshop by T3 Templates

T3 Fakeshop is a bootstrap based TYPO3 template for product landing pages and affiliate sites.

This TYPO3 template is characterized by its clear design with beautiful white space and rounded edges.
It is a very bright design and thus makes you want to read on. Incidentally, this page was also created with T3 Fakeshop.

This template allows you to mark affiliate links and also mark entire content elements as advertising.

As already mentioned at T3 Creative Agency, it benefits in the long term from the further developments of all TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates.

Benefits at a glance

  • Clean, bright design with nice white space and rounded edges
  • ideally suited for landing pages and affiliate pages
  • based on Bootstrap
  • will also benefit from other templates from T3 Templates in the future
  • is suitable as a basis for further child themes
  • 6 months free updates
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • cheap price

Disadvantages at a glance

  • No LIVE preview yet (but will come)
  • No predefined layouts yet (but will come)


The selection of free and paid templates for TYPO3 is constantly growing. Thanks to T3 Planet and T3 Templates, there are 2 good sources to get professional TYPO3 templates.

The stars of the TYPO3 templates are certainly T3 Karma, T3 Shop, T3 Creative Agency and T3 Fakeshop.


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