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TYPO3 Template in a big and bold design made for Corporate Websites and Landingpages.

T3 Creative Agency is a TYPO3 Template tailored for creative or design agencies. The coloring is matched to a dark color scheme with a concise highlight color.

The presentation of the content is unusual in that you don't see it that often on the web. T3 Creative Agency turns a TYPO3 page into a real eye-catcher and sets you apart from the competition.

Big and Bold

These are 2 keywords that run through the entire template. There are full-size text banners that can be placed with a simple Text/Image element.

Each headline is bold and catches everyone's eye. As a result, your messages will definitely reach your customers.

Text-/Image Slider

T3 Templates only creates new content elements when the existing ones are not sufficient. This reduces the number of TYPO3 elements and editors do not have to familiarize themselves with dozens of new elements.

It makes sense to use the existing TYPO3 standard elements and expand them if necessary.
When expanding, care is also taken to ensure that as much as possible is implemented with on-board resources and that the existing fields are used.

You can also create a slider from a text/image element if you assign multiple images. Or you create a layout that is reminiscent of magazines.


On a corporate page, it often makes sense to present the company history or projects in a timeline.

Accordingly, such an element was developed for T3 Creative Agency.

+10 Custom Content Elements

All TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates benefit from more than10 new content elements.

Easily create cards, quotes, compatibility tables, timelines, column elements and much more in TYPO3 using the TYPO3 Wizard.

T3 Templates extends many TYPO3 standard elements, such as the text/image element with a slider function and more.


Each TYPO3 content element can be easily animated individually.

Each content element has a new tab for this: Animation. There are 4 setting options and all CSS based effects from the popular library: Animate.css.

Each animation only starts when these become visible.

Responsive of course

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Like every TYPO3 template from T3 Templates, T3 Fakeshop is optimized for most devices via the frontend framework Bootstrap.

Inexpensive Maintenance

The TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates are easy to maintain and have low operating costs - even in the long term.

External extensions are used as little as possible, which keeps the support and upgrade effort low.

The proximity to the TYPO3 core and compliance with best practice practices increases the compatibility of the templates for the future and the TYPO3 workflow is not disturbed.

GDPR compliant

I take the GDPR regulations seriously and provide functions in all my TYPO3 themes that help you to create your TYPO3 website GDPR-compliant.

Every YouTube and Vimeo video that you insert with text/media has a 2-click solution with disclaimer text by default. This means that data from the client is only exchanged with Google/Vimeo when the user clicks on the disclaimer text.

Your affiliate links or other promotional content may be marked as such.

Compatibility Data

TYPO3 Versions

V10 V11

Extension Key



container, content_defender

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Kevin Chileong Lee

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I will help you to create beautiful TYPO3 websites quickly and easily.

I develop all TYPO3 templates myself and encapsulate common functionalities in a basic extension that is delivered with every T3 template theme.

In the long term, you will benefit from more and more functions that will help you to create even more flexible TYPO3 websites.

I share my knowledge on my T3 Templates blog and teach TYPO3 editing, integration and development on my T3 Campus.

If you are looking for a TYPO3 Coaching, then I am at your disposal in a 1:1 training session.

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