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Create your next documentation page of your software or API with this timeless and simple TYPO3 template.

T3 Documentation is a TYPO3 template with a timeless and simple design. This brings the content much more into focus.
Without having distracting elements and a clear design, your customers can read the documentation effortless and find the content they want faster.
This not only saves your customers time, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Menu items as a mosaic

This TYPO3 template extends the menu items: Pages and Subpages with a new frame. This new frame displays the pages in mosaic boxes.
These increase the attractiveness of the simple lists considerably. In addition, the abstract of the page is displayed there as a descriptive text.

This allows you to structure your documentation in any depth without losing track of deeply nested menu items.


The tabs container of T3 Templates Base has been modified so that you can also use it to create an accordion.
This accordion element is perfect for creating an FAQ section.

There you can list the most frequently asked questions with their answers. This reduces the number of inquiries you receive and saves you time. And you save time for your customers, who can find answers to their questions faster. A classic win-win situation.

+10 Custom Content Elements

All TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates benefit from more than10 new content elements.

Easily create cards, quotes, compatibility tables, timelines, column elements and much more in TYPO3 using the TYPO3 Wizard.

T3 Templates extends many TYPO3 standard elements, such as the text/image element with a slider function and more.

News Support

This TYPO3 template supports the extension: News and designs the standard list and detail view so that it blends seamlessly into this theme.
In addition, there is another template layout for a blog.


Each TYPO3 content element can be easily animated individually.

Each content element has a new tab for this: Animation. There are 4 setting options and all CSS based effects from the popular library: Animate.css.

Each animation only starts when these become visible.

Naturally responsive

Image with all devices

Like every TYPO3 template from T3 Templates, T3 Fakeshop is optimized for most devices via the frontend framework Bootstrap.

Inexpensive Maintenance

The TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates are easy to maintain and have low operating costs - even in the long term.

External extensions are used as little as possible, which keeps the support and upgrade effort low.

The proximity to the TYPO3 core and compliance with best practice practices increases the compatibility of the templates for the future and the TYPO3 workflow is not disturbed.

GDPR compliant

I take the GDPR regulations seriously and provide functions in all my TYPO3 themes that help you to create your TYPO3 website GDPR-compliant.

Every YouTube and Vimeo video that you insert with text/media has a 2-click solution with disclaimer text by default. This means that data from the client is only exchanged with Google/Vimeo when the user clicks on the disclaimer text.

Your affiliate links or other promotional content may be marked as such.

Cookie Consent

With my product you can now easily and quickly display a cookie consent notice on your website.

You have a choice of two positions - the top or bottom of the screen. So you can place the hint according to your wishes and needs.

By specifying the TYPO3 page for the data protection information or cookie regulations, a link is automatically set. This gives your visitors quick and easy access to your privacy policy.

My product is easy to use and can be adjusted via the constant editor. You do not need any special technical knowledge to integrate the notice on your website.

Compatibility Chart

TYPO3 Versions

V10, V11

Extension Key



container, content_defender

Important NOTE

TYPO3 10 is officially obsolete and is therefore no longer supported. You will receive a compatible version for TYPO3 10, but this version does not have all functions.

However, TYPO3 11 variant is up-to-date with all listed features.

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I develop all TYPO3 templates myself and encapsulate common functionalities in a basic extension that is delivered with every T3 template theme.

In the long term, you will benefit from more and more functions that will help you to create even more flexible TYPO3 websites.

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