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TYPO3 Template for Affiliate Marketers and Product Listing Websites. Create a unique website in minutes and fill it with content in your niche.

The T3 Fakeshop features a bright design with enough white space to maximize readability. It offers numerous design options to present your content in an appealing way. This increases the reading time and accordingly increases the domain authority.

+10 Custom Content Elements

All TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates benefit from over 10 new content elements.

Easily create cards, quotes, compatibility tables, timelines, column elements and much more in TYPO3 using the TYPO3 Wizard.

T3 Templates extends many standard TYPO3 elements such as the text/image element with a slider function and much more.

News Support

This TYPO3 template supports the “News” extension and designs both the standard list and the detailed view so that they can be seamlessly integrated into this theme. There is also another template layout for a blog.


Each TYPO3 content element can be animated easily and individually. For this purpose, a new tab has been added to each content element: Animation.

There are 4 setting options available, all of which are based on the CSS-based effects of the popular Animate.css library.

The animations only start when the corresponding element becomes visible.

Naturally responsive

Image with all devices

Every single T3 Templates theme has been specifically customized for optimal display on a variety of devices using the powerful frontend framework: Bootstrap.

Google friendly and great for affiliates

You can mark content through which you generate advertising revenue, such as classic advertisements, as advertising using the TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates. All you have to do is mark the content element as “advertising” under the “Appearance” tab.

In addition, affiliate links can also be marked as such in CKEditor. In this case, the attribute "rel=sponsored" is automatically set.

This will make your TYPO3 website GDPR compliant and make it easier for Google to recognize affiliate links.

With my high-quality TYPO3 templates, your website will not only be more professional and transparent, but will also be beneficial for your SEO strategy in the long term and ultimately bring you more leads.

GDPR compliant

I take the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seriously and have integrated functions into all of my TYPO3 themes that will help you create your TYPO3 website in a GDPR-compliant manner.

By default, every YouTube and Vimeo video you insert with text/media has a 2-click solution with disclaimer text. This means that data is only exchanged between the client and Google/Vimeo when the user clicks on the disclaimer text.

Your affiliate links or other advertising content may be marked accordingly.

Cookie Consent

With my product you can now easily and quickly display a cookie consent notice on your website. You have the option to choose between two positions - the top or bottom of the screen. This allows you to place the notice according to your own wishes and needs.

By specifying the TYPO3 page for the data protection information or cookie regulations, a link is automatically created. This allows your visitors to quickly and easily access your privacy policy.

My product is user-friendly and can be set via the constant editor. You don't need any special technical knowledge to integrate the notice into your website.

Inexpensive Maintenance

The TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates can be installed with just a few clicks and are easy to maintain. This allows websites to be created quickly and published online. They are ideal for the short-term implementation of customer projects or the quick creation of niche sites.

In order to keep support and upgrade costs low, as few external extensions as possible are used.

The proximity to the TYPO3 Core and adherence to best practices increase the compatibility of the templates for the future. The TYPO3 workflow remains undisturbed.

Compatibility Chart

TYPO3 Versions

v10, v11, v12

Extension Key



container content_defender, news

Important NOTE

TYPO3 10 is officially deprecated and is therefore no longer supported. Although you will receive a compatible version for TYPO3 10, this version does not have all the functions.

TYPO3 11 variant currently only receives security updates and no new functions. You will receive a TYPO3 11 compatible version that also contains all the functions presented. However, any future ones will not be included. I will mark this accordingly on my website.

TYPO3 12 is LTS and the officially recommended version. Of course, you will receive a TYPO3 12 compatible version that contains all current and all future functions.

Test and purchase T3 Fakeshop

Take the time to take a closer look at the T3 Fakeshop demo. Grab this TYPO3 template today and passionately start your next affiliate niche site using TYPO3, the outstanding open source CMS.

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I will help you to create beautiful TYPO3 websites quickly and easily.

I develop all TYPO3 templates myself and encapsulate common functionalities in a basic extension that is delivered with every T3 template theme.

In the long term, you will benefit from more and more functions that will help you to create even more flexible TYPO3 websites.

I share my knowledge on my T3 Templates blog and teach TYPO3 editing, integration and development on my T3 Campus.

If you are looking for a TYPO3 Coaching, then I am at your disposal in a 1:1 training session.

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