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TYPO3 Template for Affiliate Marketers and Product Listing Websites. Create a unique website in minutes and fill it with content in your niche.

T3 Fakeshop features a bright design with enough white space to maximize reading quality. There are many design options so that the content is presented to your readers in an appealing way. This increases the reading time and thus increases your domain authority.

News Support

This TYPO3 template supports the extension: News and designs the standard list and detail view so that it blends seamlessly into this theme.
In addition, there is another template layout for a blog.

Google friendly and GDPR compliant

T3 Fakeshop introduces new features that allow content to be marked as advertising using a frame. In addition, links can also be marked as affiliate in the CKEditor.
In this case, the attribute: rel="sponsored" is set automatically.
This means that your TYPO3 website is GDPR-compliant and makes it particularly easy for Google to recognize affiliate links.

Your website is more professional and transparent with T3 Fakeshop and this will have a positive effect on your SEO strategy in the long term and ultimately bring you more leads.

+10 Custom Content Elements

All TYPO3 templates from T3 Templates benefit from more than10 new content elements.

Easily create cards, quotes, compatibility tables, timelines, column elements and much more in TYPO3 using the TYPO3 Wizard.

T3 Templates extends many TYPO3 standard elements, such as the text/image element with a slider function and more.

Responsive of course

T3 Fakeshop on all devices

Like every TYPO3 template from T3 Templates, T3 Fakeshop is optimized for most devices via the frontend framework Bootstrap.

Compatibility Data

TYPO3 Versions

V10 V11

Extension Key



container, content_defender

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Check out the T3 Fakeshop demo and get this TYPO3 template today and start your next niche affiliate site with TYPO3, the best open source CMS.

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In the long term, you will benefit from more and more functions that will help you to create even more flexible TYPO3 websites.

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