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Best 5 Corporate Website Templates in 2022

The best corporate web templates
These are the 5 best website templates to use for your next corporate website.

The internet is full of web templates for all kinds of niches. It's difficult to keep track of things.

Here is my list of the best website templates for your next corporate website.

What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is a website for the presentation of companies and their products and services.

This does not only mean global companies, but companies of all sizes and actually also solopreneurs, i.e. sole proprietors.

What is the content of Corporate Websites?

A corporate website presents the company and its employees, its company history and philosophy.

A corporate website must also present the products and services of a company in an appealing way.

What is the goal of a Corporate Website?

A corporate website is not just a business card for the company, but is a part of automated customer acquisition.

The interested party should become the lead if possible. He can only do that if there is a clear call to action.

A call to action is, for example, contact via a form or telephone.

The best Corporate Websites in 2022

Now that we have clarified the concept of corporate websites, my best list of corporate websites in 2022 follows based on these criteria.

Of course, this is largely a matter of taste, but maybe you will also find one or the other template that you like.

1. www.spinxdigital.com

Spinx Crafting Digital

This is the website of a digital agency. It is characterized by large images and concise headlines.

These cast a spell over the visitor and I think it leaves a lasting impression.

I also like that the overall layout differs from the general mishmash of corporate websites. The selection of templates is growing steadily, but somehow many of them look the same.

There is enough variety in the element types and these are, in my opinion, represented really well.

Recent Work Beispiel

A special highlight for me is the timeline element, which is very useful for a corporate page and could also be used for the company history.

Timeline Element von Spinx Digital

Overall, the design is very American and more adapted for the English-speaking world.

If you like the template and want to use it for your next TYPO3 site, then take a look at T3 Creative Agency.

2. BeSmart

BeSmart Premium HTML Vorlage

I can recommend the corporate web templates from BeSmart to those who prefer something classic and simple.

There are 6 different variants that are possible with this template.

The structure is based on the standard and proven structure of a corporate website or landing page.

It begins with an eye-catcher as a hero element and you are introduced to the call to action by scrolling vertically.

The content can be varied and enriched with subtle animations.

This template brings everything a corporate website needs without being able to win a design award for innovation.

But sometimes it's the conventional things that you seek and need.

You can download the template as HTML, CSS template at Envato Elements. If you want to see the 6 different layouts in action, then you can do it here.

3. Deluck

Deluck Multipurpose Corporate Template

The Deluck Multipurpose Template for agencies has the classic structure of a corporate page. As a result, every reader will find their way around immediately and will also identify the site directly as a company site.

So that it is not boring and stands out from other templates, there are always slight variants of well-known elements.

For example, there is this element:

Bild mit vertikalen Tabs

This combines text and image elements with a vertical tab element. So at first glance you would expect a normal text/image element and at second glance you would notice the vertical tab element.
I always find something like this refreshing and shows that you don't have to reinvent everything, but that you can also cleverly combine elements.

Then this template combines the card display with a hover effect, which replaces the read more link.

Weiterlesen als Hover Effekt

The last thing I want to take out here is that there is also a way to have background colors that are a bit off-grid:

Offgrid Hintergrund

If you like the template, you can purchase it here as an HTML/CSS template.

4. Cryptobit

Cryptobit Hero

Cryptocurrency has been on everyone's lips for quite some time. Even if I'm not so hyped by the trend now, I found this attractive web template.

Cryptobit is a dark mode theme or simply a dark multipurpose template.

You don't necessarily have to use this template for a crypto site. The elements can be used flexibly and I think the template is characterized by a nice dark design with a pleasant highlight color.

The white or here black space is used intelligently and the elements fit in very well. The typography is perfectly coordinated and you have all the elements you need.

An example of perfect spacing and clean typography is this text/image element:

Text-/Bildelement Beispiel aus dem Cryptobit Template

Although you won't find anything new here either, well-known elements are cleverly combined and presented very nicely.

Another example is this accordion element:

Accordion Element Beispiel von Cryptobit

I can very well imagine that this template works in various color schemes.

All in all, I really like this template because it looks so clean and calm and yet very modern.
And as I said, you don't have to create a cryptographic page and you only take over the font, colors (optional) and the spacing.

You can purchase this template from Templatemonster and preview it here.

Be sure to check out the layout variations below.

5. Start and Grow your Business

Start And Grow Your Business HTML5 Template

Do you like mosaic and box layouts?

Then this template might be just the thing for you.

This Nicepage template is basically based on Box and Mosaic elements. These are arranged very attractively and form a very clean and beautiful design.

Mosaic Element Beispiel

I find that this template also stands out from the mass market, although it is a template suitable for the masses.

In any case, templates with clean white space, like the ones presented here, and clear typography are always timeless.

What is Nicepage?

Nicepage is a drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create modern websites without any coding knowledge.

Nicepage is not limited to one CMS, but works for everyone.
There is a Windows and Mac program that you can use to create HTML5 templates. You can then install this in any CMS with the appropriate knowledge.

You can learn how this works in TYPO3 for free on the T3 Campus.

If you use WordPress or Joomla, Nicepage even has its own plugin or component.

But back to the template...

You can purchase the template right here at Nicepage and preview it here.


There are endless choices of web templates and of course I can't list them all here.

I like it very much when templates have clear typography with targeted white space.
I'm not a fan of lots of animation and big fancy mickie. Because you quickly got tired of it and the animations are annoying if you really want to deal with the content.

I think my personal highlight is the Cryptobit template. I will probably rebuild that soon and bring it into the TYPO3 world :)

So these are my favorites from 2022. If you would like to contribute to this list, feel free to contact me using the contact form. I am very happy to add to this list.


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