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Where to buy TYPO3 templates?

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The number of providers for TYPO3 templates is constantly increasing. I will show you all sources for paid TYPO3 templates.

TYPO3 has long been known to be very complicated. The entry hurdle was very high because this CMS has always been very extensive and adjustable in detail.

This flood of configuration is not easy to integrate into a convenient graphical interface. In addition, the TYPO3 community and organization increasingly includes techies.

This has changed since TYPO3 9 and TYPO3 is becoming easier and easier with every major release in that you can set up websites with TYPO3 faster and faster.

This also gives us new providers for TYPO3 templates.

What is a TYPO3 Template?

A TYPO3 template defines the external appearance of a TYPO3 website.

In other content management systems one speaks of themes, in the TYPO3 world the template is called.

Technically, a TYPO3 template is a normal TYPO3 extension that defines or overwrites a PAGE object with the typeNum value 0.

The PAGE object is part of TypoScript and contains all information about how and what should be rendered in the frontend.

For example, objects are defined that generate an output in the frontend as well as information such as meta tags, document content type and the list of CSS and JavaScript files.

If you want to learn more about it, I can recommend the T3 Campus. There TYPO3 beginners learn how to create websites with TYPO3.

Where can you buy TYPO3 Templates?

Even if the number of providers is constantly growing, there are still not many sources where you can get professional, modern templates for TYPO3.

I list the most well-known providers below.

1. T3 Planet

T3 Planet

T3 Planet is a TYPO3 agency and offers services, extensions and templates for TYPO3.

This provider is probably currently the best and largest for professional TYPO3 templates.

The TYPO3 templates are characterized by the fact that they all have a LIVE style switcher. With the Style Switcher, fonts, colors and logos can be exchanged and viewed directly in the preview.

This feature is so far unique in the TYPO3 world. Those who come from the WordPress corner already know such functions from plugins such as Elementor.

All templates can be viewed in a preview and for many you can also take a look at the backend here.

T3 Planet at a glance

  • Professional TYPO3 agency
  • Largest TYPO3 shop with extensions and templates
  • Templates have a LIVE preview function
  • Preview frontend and backend possible
  • no TypoScript necessary
  • Price level: medium
  • Price / offer: Very good

You can find the website of T3 Planet here.

2. T3 Templates

T3 Templates

T3 Templates, ie me, is a new player on the market.

You can find TYPO3 templates and an installation service for the T3 Templates products with me.

The templates are characterized by the fact that they deviate from the layout that is otherwise widespread on the Internet.

Templates from T3 Templates are unique and timeless.

In addition, all TYPO3 templates are easy to install and no TypoScript knowledge is required.

All TYPO3 templates are based on the well-known and proven free extension Container Content Elements and on the Frontend Framework Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is the most well-known framework for creating responsive websites.

All T3 Templates themes share the same base and benefit from it in the long run.
The advantage of a common base is that all relevant elements are supported in all T3 Templates themes.

Colors and fonts as well as brand names can be easily changed here in the constant editor.

All templates can be viewed and tested on a preview server with sample content.

T3 Templates at a glance

  • unique and timeless templates
  • Templates all get the same base and benefit from future templates and extensions
  • Colors, fonts changeable via constant editor
  • no TypoScript necessary
  • Price level: low
  • Price / offer: Very good

You are already on T3 Templates and you can find the products on this page.

3. TYPO3 Template Shop

Template Shop für TYPO3

TYPO3 Template offers a large number of TYPO3 templates for different niches.

With TYPO3 Template you benefit from their all-round carefree package by installing and setting up the template free of charge. You even get brief instructions via MS Teams.

The designs all follow the same grid and are very similar. This is a bit of a shame and also noteworthy as their price level is quite high.

With T3 Planet and T3 Templates you get a lot more variety at a lower price.

It also seems that changes to colors and fonts can only be made by the manufacturer.

Because of the price, for me the target group is design agencies that do not have their own programming department.

TYPO3 Template at a glance

  • large selection of templates
  • Templates but comparable and very similar
  • Templates probably not easy to customize yourself
  • Price level: high
  • Value for money: medium

The TYPO3 Template shop is located here.

4. Website4all


Website4All is a hosting provider specializing in TYPO3. In addition to the hosting packages, this also offers TYPO3 templates.

This is practical because you have everything in one go and can have a new domain and TYPO3 template created in one go.

The templates themselves are, in my opinion, rather sober, unemotional and uninspiring.

Overall, they remind me of the standard Joomla templates that come with Joomla.

If someone likes such standard templates or needs them for a demo or test page, they will surely find what they are looking for here. However, the price for it is quite high.

In addition, according to the shop, the templates are only compatible up to TYPO3 9 LTS and can be updated to TYPO3 10 LTS free of charge.

Website4All at a glance

  • Large selection of TYPO3 templates
  • Many or even all only compatible up to TYPO3 10
  • Colors and fonts can probably only be changed via CSS
  • Frontend preview possible
  • Price level: medium
  • Value for money: bad



NRMEDIA is an online agency specializing in web design. They develop websites for TYPO3, WordpRess, Magento and WooCommerce.

In addition to the classic services of an agency, you also have TYPO3 templates on offer.

However, I don't know whether the page for the TYPO3 templates was forgotten or whether the agency is still busy or whether the agency has so many orders that they no longer update their page.

The list of templates refer to TYPO3 8. TYPO3 8 has not been maintained for a long time and has been obsolete for quite some time.

If you are still using TYPO3 8.7 and are actually looking for templates for it, then NRMEDIA is your provider. Most likely, NRMEDIA holds the monopoly when it comes to paid templates for TYPO3 8.7.

A page builder + theme is advertised for TYPO3 9 and 10, but without showing it.

Overall, the agency does not appear to be doing modern online marketing.

Unfortunately, the templates cannot be tested in a preview, there is only one image. Some may have a link to an online demo, but the ones I tested don't work.

Another downside is that no prices are communicated and you have to request all prices from NRMEDIA.

I list this provider for the sake of completeness, but without recommending it.

NRMEDIA at a glance

  • Many TYPO3 8 templates
  • Otherwise 1 template for TYPO3 9 and 10
  • Price level: unknown (prices are not communicated)
  • Value for money: unknown

Click here for the TYPO3 templates from NRMEDIA.


Unfortunately, there is not yet a large selection of professional providers of TYPO3 templates.

This article is intended to be a complete list of all relevant providers, with NRMEDIA and Website4all having to be left out here. Because they do not offer templates for TYPO3 11 or higher.

In principle, the list of providers for good TYPO3 templates is limited to the first 3 providers: T3 Planet, T3 Templates and TYPO3 Template Shop.

If you know any other providers that absolutely must be included here. Then please contact me via the contact form so that I can check them and add them to this article if necessary.


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