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The Best Bootstrap 5 Templates for Online Shops

The best page templates for product pages based on Bootstrap 5
Do you love Bootstrap 5 as much as I do and are you looking for ideas for your new shop page? Check out my favorites in 2022.

The abundance of page templates on the web is overwhelming and it is impossible to view them all, let alone test them all.

If you rely on the most popular frontend framework Bootstrap 5 and are looking for web templates for shop pages or product pages, such as online shops, then take a look at my favorites in 2022.

What is Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap 5 is a frontend framework for designing HTML5 based page templates for websites.

Bootstrap 5 is characterized by the fact that it makes it very easy to create responsive websites.

A page is responsive when it automatically adjusts to the available width.
In Bootstrap 5 there is a 12 column system (also called grid) available and the possibility.

12 Spalten Raster

A grid is a grid to which you can align the elements. The positioning is only within the grid and not "in between". This means, for example, 5 elements cannot be centered. Because 5 divided by 12 is not an even number. So the distance on the left would not be the same on the right. Because a distance can only be one "grid column" wide and not half.

Working in a grid system may give the impression that you are limiting yourself as a designer. That's true too, but in return you get a system that is automatically responsive.

You can choose yourself which elements should be displayed when and at which breakpoints the column elements should change the size of their columns.

What are Breakpoints?

Responsive Devices

Breakpoints are defined widths of the screens or browsers where something should happen.

With frontend frameworks, other CSS definitions can be linked to these interfaces. For example, 6 columns can become 3 columns at a breakpoint and 1 column at another.

Distances or font sizes can also be changed and elements can be hidden or shown.

You are probably familiar with this behavior, where the layout adapts depending on which device you are viewing it on or if you reduce or increase the width of the browser.

What is a Shop or Product Page?

A shop page refers to websites for online shops.

This includes not only classic shops with digital or physical products, but also websites for hotels, holiday apartments, flight booking sites or websites for tour operators.

A product page takes a similar line. Here I mean websites that have similar requirements as an online shop, with the exception that they do not have their own ordering process.

This website usually has a list of products that you can filter if necessary and landing pages for each product.

This is an example of a product page T3 Template FakeShop Theme für TYPO3.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a website that consists of one page, also called a onepage, whose goal is to generate a lead.

A purchase funnel is used to complete the transformation from prospect to customer (i.e. purchase of the product).

The system of landing pages is part of online marketing and is very important for all companies and freelancers who sell products on the Internet.

The Best Online Shops

But now we finally come to the best product pages based on Bootstrap 5.

1. Booking – Multipurpose Booking and Directory Theme

Booking – Multipurpose Booking and Directory Theme

We'll start with an official Bootstrap 5 booking site theme. There you will find predefined HTML5 templates for:

  • Hotels
  • Flight Booking Sites
  • Tour Operator
  • or Car Rental Companies

This template has a white background also dark color and thus has maximum contrast. This is very important for accessibility and also essential for booking sites. Because you don't want to exclude any user group due to the poor technology of the website.

The advantages at a glance

  • 100% Bootstrap
  • Best Practises für Bootstrap 5
  • Beautiful whitespace with targeted lines for the human eye
  • High contrast, good for accessibility
  • Many variants for different niches
    • Hotels, car rentals, flight booking sites, tour operators etc.

Show Booking – Multipurpose Booking and Directory Theme

2. NeonCart - Mehrzweck-E-Commerce-Shop-Template

NeonCart - Mehrzweck-E-Commerce-Shop-Template

NeonCart is a very extensive Bootstrap 4 & 5 template for shop pages of various niches. There are more than 20 demo pages with over 60 individual pages and layouts that can be previewed.

NeonCart offers 20+ product layouts, various header layouts, product hover effects and supports all Bootstrap basic elements.

This makes NeonCart a fully-fledged Bootstrap Theme.

I find the darker layouts in particular to be very well implemented.

Benefits at a glance

  • 100% Bootstrap
  • Many different layout variants for each niche
  • Bootstrap 4 and 5 compatible
  • especially nice on dark color schemes

Show NeonCart - Mehrzweck-E-Commerce-Shop-Vorlage

3. Zay Shop

Zay Shop

The Zay Shop – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML5 Responsive Ecommerce Website Template is a free template, which kind of reminds me of a Shopify store.

Because this template is free, it's smaller in scope, but I think it's still worth looking at.

It is very calm and shows the most important information in a timeless design and does without distracting elements and colors.

I think you concentrate more on the actual products.

It does not support all Bootstrap elements, but all important ones that are needed for a shop.

Zay Store overview

  • 5 HTML Pages
  • Font Awesome & Google Fonts
  • Email registration form

Show Zay Shop Free Bootstrap 5 Template

4. Shopwise


If you have read my article: The Best TYPO3 Templates in 2022, then this template will look familiar to you. Because that is the pure HTML5 template for this TYPO3 template.

If you want to recreate this successful TYPO3 template, then you have the best and legal opportunity to do so here.

Shopwise is designed for women's products, but can of course be adapted to the male genre or unisex in terms of color and CSS.

There are 6 demo pages in different niches, numerous shop layout pages for every aspect of a shop from the product list to the page to the 404 page.

In any case, the bright, elegant and timeless design will not have a negative effect on your conversion rate.

The template isn't particularly remarkable, but it has that certain something and it's fun to browse the website in this template.

Shopwise at a glance

  • Complete shop design with templates for all areas
  • Elegant and timeless
  • Template has social proof by T3 Shop.

Show Shopwise

Toyqo - Kids Store Bootstrap 5 Template

Toyqo - Kids Store Bootstrap 5 Template

Are you looking for a Bootstrap 5 template for a children's shop?

Then I have found the right template for you.

If you search for shop templates, templates for shop for children's products come up rarely. That's why I included this template.

There are 3 different homepage layouts and many more layouts for product listing, product detail page, blog, 404 and so on.

The structure is similar to that of other online shops for children and the presentation is very simple.

If you like it minimalist and colorless, this template is the right choice for you.

Toyqo at a glance

  • plain and colourless
  • no decorative elements
  • offers the minimum that a shop needs
  • MailChimp Formular
  • Ajax Working Contact Form

Show Toyqo Kids Store


I hope I met your taste.

My favorites are Shopwise as not only does it have the social proof but it has a calm and elegant design. I also think it adapts very well to other color schemes.

In addition, I really like NeonCart as it contrasts with many other shops and is particularly strong for darker schemes.

If you miss a template or a niche here, please send me your suggestion. I'm happy to add new templates here and research more Bootstrap 5 templates for you.


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